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Scene Release

Download Few Seconds After Air


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WE are using our new server ,Please clean Browser’s Cache if you can’t open the site

We will go down 2 days from now, to start FROM New datacenter changed domain to

RBG posts adult Drama , adult fantasy , Outside P0rn category , then after few minutes [which item already starts downloading in torrent client] they move it to category 4 [P0rn] ,
RBG is very trusted source in all aspects , this is a bug in their system which they should fix it
[solution for us is not rocket science , we just need to write a plugin which filters X class of imdb]
I Apologize for the Freakshow in our site

Nitroflare ( also has an alternate domain which UK users can use it which is (your login will work)

is there Australian Home or Business user who can’t open our site?
please go to contact page and email us the 3 first parts of your ip [] and it will be unblocked
Our firewall only blocks shared/public vpns who are actively participating in attack against our domain ,even that has solution if user lives in usa uk ca au …

problem with’s download process already solved
Thank you very much for the report
It was a temporary issue which the owner solved their problem

Astroid [ASTRD] is an individual ,Independent ,High skill File Capper who was active in Private Trackers [Like BTN] and other Private sources and he is covering british TV contents for ALL Users across the globe